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Zip code » 94611

Best thing about living in Montclair is » A welcoming secluded community just minutes from the busy city center of Oakland.

Biggest challenge » The only challenge of being hidden away in the hills is that it can be difficult to live here without a car.

What new neighbors moving into the area should know » Montclair Village is where many neighbors gather to run errands and share a cup of coffee together.

TwinHill’s favorite spot in or around Montclair » The Montclair Egg Shop

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Montclair is a lovely neighborhood nestled in the hills of Oakland above Highway 13. This woodsy community is surrounded by beautiful parks and hiking trails, yet still has a lively downtown with the essential grocery stores and a few great restaurants and pubs. Montclair Village hosts a great selection of locally owned specialty shops and restaurants that neighbors love to congregate at. The Village has everything you need, yet downtown Oakland is just a quick drive away from this secluded gem in the hills.

The homes are beautiful and blend into the hillside complementing the steep terrain and wooded area. The homes consist of Craftsman bungalows, cottages, mansions, and split-level style homes from the 50s, 60s and 70s. This is an area where people have yards and views!

This is a great place to live for families who want to remain close to urban living but still remain in the middle of nature. Montclair has fantastic schools, beautiful homes with yards, and a friendly community.

Location & Commute

Montclair is located in the Oakland Hills. Highway 24 is to the north, Joaquin Miller Road to the south, affluent Piedmont is to the west and Contra Costa County borders the east. The center of Montclair is often referred to at Montclair Village and is just off of Highway 13.

Highway 13 provides quick access to larger Interstate 580 and Highway 24, connecting residents to Oakland, San Francisco, and the North and South Bays. Commuting by vehicle is essential as the area is somewhat secluded in the hills and there is minimal public transportation.

Schools in Montclair

Montclair is part of Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). There are many public, private and charter schools in Oakland and cities surrounding Oakland. The public schools in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) can be somewhat complicated to navigate, which is why it is important to discuss your different options with real estate experts TwinHill when selecting a neighborhood to purchase a home. In OUSD priority is generally given to students who live within the neighborhood boundary for the school, and top priority also goes to siblings of current students. Visit the OUSD Map to view the neighborhood schools for Montclair.

The area boasts high-ranking public schools like Montclair Elementary, Thornhill Elementary, Joaquin Miller Elementary and Montera Middle School. Many parents may chose to transition their children to a charter or private school during middle school or high school. Here is a comprehensive list of local charter schools. There are also many excellent private schools in the area. Here is a full list of private schools in the area.